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When copying plans/resources from one course to another, can a "copy to all courses" option be added?

As fine arts/elective teachers, we often use the same plans and general materials for all our classes, and at this time there is no "copy to all courses" option. We have to select the plan we want to copy, go to the "Copy" option, click on the class we want to copy it to, and redo these steps for each course. With about 8-10 different courses, this involves a lot of steps that could be saved if there was an option to select either all or specific courses when performing actions such as copying.

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  • Aug 26 2020
  • Future consideration
Country US
Category Content creation and management
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  • Admin
    itslearning support commented
    31 Aug 10:15am

    Thank you for your feedback. While we are not planning any immediate changes to the "Course copy" functionaly, we see that this idea has some merit! We will keep the idea open for now to gather more feedback, but this is not something we will work on in the short term.