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Discussion Forum: Tree Links

We need the discussion forum to use the text editor and especially the tree link function to refer to resources located in several courses across the our page/site.

We know that the forum is not the first choice development area, but is the only way to handle high frequencies of news instead of the message board (no layouting, no sorting, not categories, no cross-course-referencing) and the change needed should be fairly easy to do:

The way the tree link function allows the user to add a tree link to a forum post (first choose course, then folder levels indicated by +/++/+++ file name) needs to be changed.

Any regular explorer/folder, if not a searchable interface, ideally there would also be a short cut to recently added resources.

A good start would be anything different than the ++/++++. Maybe colour-coding, or simply the naviagation/tree structure used everywhere else the resources are being used. Alternatively the possibility to have reliable urls to any given itslearning-item would solve our problem.

Please share your opionions, ideas, solutions in the comment section below!

Best from Berlin,


  • Sandra Schmidt
  • Mar 14 2019
Country DE
Category Access and navigation
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