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Report bullying-function Merged

Bullying in digital spheres is increasing, and it's harder for teachers to discover and end it. It's learning is a platform where students can interact directly with teachers or other staff at school a) at any time, both from school and from home, b) with their identity confirmed (without excluding anonymity if desired), and c) with possibility to also communicate with parents.


Therefore, if it's learning implemented a Report bullying-function, it could lower the boundary of reporting since it's accessible and easy to add «proofs» (screenshots, quotes, links etc). If the Report-function is placed very visible, the pupils will get used to it and know where it is if they once need it, either for their own or someoneelses sake.

The report could be sent to those the school prefers in such a way that'll not be forgotten or just put on hold. The pupils will also have a clear way of knowing that their message has been sent.

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  • Feb 8 2016
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    February 08, 2016 13:43

    The main point is not to report bullying occurring on itslearning (since it's not that common), but to report bullying in other (social) medias (by eg. screenshots, links or quotes), where the teachers themselves are not able to detect it