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Merged idea

This idea has been merged into another idea. To comment or vote on this idea, please visit ITSL-I-3173 Log in timeout.

Option to disable auto-logout Merged

Especially admins and school directors working in an office whole day, having several unregularly frequent tasks to do in IL feel a bit annoyed by the system logging them out recently. (I know, they would not be, if it had been like that forever, but that is the way it is.) So it would be nice to accommodate their habits by introducing an option to disable to the auto-logout.

  • Peter Sievert
  • Nov 13 2020
  • Released
Country DE
Category Administration
  • Jens Rasmussen commented
    23 Oct, 2021 10:59am


  • Peter Lind commented
    23 Oct, 2021 09:58am

    I honestly don't get why this is as it is!

    As an educator I have access to loads of applications that should be kept out of touch of my students: Microsoft Office (including Outlook and Teams) Sharepoint and Onedrive with future assignments and solutions, exam-systems, emails and on and on - but Itslearning is the only of these that constantly logs me out "for security reasons".

    Please, please, please, add a "keep me logged in" feature!

  • Bo Lyders commented
    7 Oct, 2021 11:01am

    We also get these comments from our users and also think the time should be prolonged or at least shown in all active itslearning tabs.

  • Laura Brunning commented
    25 Jun, 2021 10:33am

    Just to add, we often get logged out when staff are marking/adding comments to learners' assignments using Office365 - as this opens in a new window, it appears that the warning for being logged out only shows up in the main ItsLearning window - so it is being missed. If we can't extend the time or remove the logout feature - can it be shown in all active ItsLearning tabs.

  • Guest commented
    25 Feb, 2021 04:05pm

    Either an option to disable it would be nice, or a working redirect to the last page before autologous. It would be very helpful if the redirect worked.

  • Admin
    Product Team commented
    2 Dec, 2020 07:55am


    Thanks for your input. We've had some feedback on the autologout feature since we recently added this as part of our ongoing focus on keeping itslearning secure. We understand it is a change in habit and also can be annoying at times. We'll continue to monitor the feedback and consider if we should allow for exceptions.

    The itslearning Product Team