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Change Dutch text for pop ups in learning paths

One of my students noted that the dutch texts (toasts) used in the pop up screen during a learning path made her confused about what to do. After looking in to the text, I understand her confusement.

In English (see picture 'eng tekst its' in attachment) I says 'A new step is available (but take your time with this one)'.
Where the Dutch translation (see attached 'nl tekst its') reads: 'Er is een nieuwe stap beschikbaar (besteed hier even tijd aan voordat u doorgaat) '
The Dutch translation can be read as ' There is a new step available (give this some attention before moving on)' Where 'This' seems to refer to the new step instead of the presented one on the page.

Because the pop up text appears on every information page it causes students to find themselves in an infinite race to study the next step before they study the current step. Especially because the button indicates you need to click there to move along to the suggested next page.

My idea would be to let a human Dutch translator look at these texts again to make sure they match the English meaning. It would cause a lot less confusion and proper use of the learning paths in Holland.

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  • Apr 14 2020
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Country NL
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    itslearning support commented
    14 Apr, 2020 11:05am

    Hi. We have passed this onto the translation team. We will add a better translation next time we update the tool.