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Receive notifications for comments to announcements.

I'd love to be able to receive notifications (either internally or via email) when someone replies to an announcement.  I'm afraid I keep missing comments if I'm not intentionally looking for them.  

  • Michele Eaton
  • May 24 2016
  • Future consideration
Country US
Category Messages and notifications
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  • Michele Eaton commented
    22 Aug, 2017 02:45pm

    Any updates on this? I'm finding that I am missing important questions from students and teachers when they comment on bulletins. 

  • Admin
    itslearning support commented
    15 Feb, 2017 09:56am


    thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    We’re monitoring the needs for notifications closely. It’s an issue with a lot of considerations, and we don’t want to rush a conclusion.

  • Michele Eaton commented
    14 Feb, 2017 05:55pm

    I do like the option of modifying notifications. I would prefer that by default all users get the notifications and then can turn them off.


    Currently for email alerts, you have to turn on notifications and I have no idea what students or teachers are getting email alerts.  For comments though, emails are not necessary. Just the notification icon within itslearning.

  • Guest commented
    31 Oct, 2016 08:25am

    I agree that it's currently easy to miss comments. Not sure if I want more notifications though, but perhaps it could be optional (e.g. under my settings & alerts). It's also impossible to see which comments I've read or not. It should be possible to tick off comments as "read", like a checker box or similar. This is a challenge when your bulletin board announcements contain a lot of comments. I lose track of which I've seen or not. The only option now is to delete comments and/or disable comments.