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In learning paths allow users to create elements instantly

As it is now, elements has to be created in forehand, before they are put into the learning path. It would be more convenient for the user if it was possible to create elements from the learning path similar to how elements are added outfrom the planner. 

Regarding learning path and user friendliness. The way learning paths are designed from a functionality perspective it is not userfriendly. It is not possible to "regret" actions in the learningpath. If  you for example has added an existing element and want to remove it. It goes into the trashbin. Not to the position it had before it was moved into the learningpath. It would also be very convenient if there would be some kind of warning message " if  deleting elements from the learningpath it wil be placed in the trashbin and it will loose its functionality

  • Anna Nilsson
  • Sep 26 2018
Country SE
Category Content creation and management
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