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Make it so plans in the “trash can” doesn’t block that plan from being copied in to a course again

If a plan is copied from one course to another and then deleted, you can’t copy that plan to the course again as the plan blocks it from the trash can. Sometimes a plan is copied without ressources by mistake and in that case teachers have to follow an unlogical workaround to fix it.

it would be nice if a plan in the trash can doesn’t block for the same plan being copied to the course again.

  • Jeppe Skafte Johansen
  • Sep 24 2018
  • Future consideration
Country DK
Category Curriculum management
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  • carole Pena commented
    28 Sep 11:48am

    Seriously--you have GOT to make itsl user friendly--this program STINKS as far as ease of use--the fact that one cannot copy a lesson plan template into a TEACHING software is RIDICULOUS!

    And your response that "We will keep the suggestion on the ideas portal to see if it gets more ‘up votes’. " is idiotic--you don't need votes to figure out that this software is not functional for the audience it supposedly serves.

    FIX IT!

  • Admin
    itslearning support commented
    20 Apr 07:11am

    Hi. Thanks for the idea. We will share it with the relevant teams. We will keep the suggestion on the ideas portal to see if it gets more ‘up votes’. This helps us understand which ideas are most popular. Thanks, the itslearning Product Team

  • Allan Helboe commented
    1 Apr 09:52am

    I totally agree with Jeppe and Kimie Kragh.

    It is also very annoying that you cannot copy a plan to a course more than once. To update a plan you have to first delete it from the course. then delete it from the trash can before you can copy it to the course again.

    Normally we teach several identical courses and would like to be able to use the following procedure:

    • Create the "master-plan" in our own personal room

    • Push it (copy) to several courses in different rooms

    • After an update in the master-plan , push (copy) it again to the room, overwriting the existing (and now outdated) plan without any further action.

  • Kimie Kragh commented
    24 Jan, 2019 08:50am

    I would be nice with at master-plan, if you are teaching the samme course in different classes; then you only have to update the master-plan and then push the changes out to the relevant classes.