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Learning path editing: It is too easy to delete resources from a learning path without meaning to do so

When a teacher wants to remove a resource from a learning path and clicks the bin symbol, the prompt "Do you want to delete this step?" appears - some colleagues have answered "Delete", thinking they were editing only the learning path, but thereby deleting the resource entirely from the subject folder without intending to do so - cue lots of frustration.

I think it would be a good idea to change this so that it's only the learning path step that can be deleted, not the resource. At the very least, the prompt should inform that clicking "delete" will actually delete the element entirely.

  • Karen Grey
  • Sep 5 2018
  • Released
Country NO
Category Content creation and management
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  • Admin
    Henning Gjellesvik commented
    September 05, 2018 20:19


    Yes you’re right, and we’ve already taken some actions to avoid this to happen 😊. More to come…

    In the last itslearning update (release 100):

    We show the contents of the learning path in the tree menu. We did this for two reasons:

    • Sometimes you want to make changes to a resource in the learning path. For example, when you've found a spelling error. It wasn't clear to all users that you can open a resource by clicking on its name in the step. Now you can also open the resources by clicking on its name in the tree menu.
    • By showing the resources of a learning path in the tree menu, it is also made clearer that if you delete the learning path, you will also - like a regular folder - delete its contents.

    We also offer the alternative to turn a learning path into a regular folder if the user deletes it, if there are resources in it. Reason: some users did not expect the content would also be deleted.

    In the next release (in approx. two weeks) we’re aiming at:

    • Offering the teacher an alternative when deleting a resource from the learning path. Instead of moving the resource to the trashcan we want to make it possible to move the resource to another folder.
  • Karen Grey commented
    September 06, 2018 12:34

    Thanks Henning :)

    Just now, a teacher wrote this to me:

    Jeg har gjort klar en læringssti til 1ELB som jeg skal bruke i morgen tidlig. Nå er jeg inne og ser på den, og ser to ting: 
    1: inne i den enkelte oppgave inne i læringsstien (gjøremål) står det "Det finnes ingen deltakere i dette faget ennå"
    Dette endret seg ikke selv om jeg redigerte tilganger til læringsstien og manuelt la inn at alle elever skal ha tilgang. 
    2. Selve læringsstien er ikke aktiv ennå (ville ikke at elever skulle se før timen). Når jeg nå skulle prøve å aktivere den, får jeg opp førlgende: 
    "Du har ikke tilgang til å endre statusen for dette elementet."
    Hjælpes. Hva gjør jeg nå?
    So it seems there are some more problems that need to be fixed?
  • Admin
    Henning Gjellesvik commented
    September 06, 2018 14:25

    Hi Karen,

    Thanks for reaching out to so quickly. To give you the best possible help and follow-up I kindly ask you to reach out to itslearning support. They have the full overview of all support issues and will be able to help you fast.

    I know that some teachers change the default permission to resources (e.g. assignments) and take away the permission for pupils/students to access a resource. It’s worth checking if this is case in the first scenario that you describe. The second scenario sounds like a technical issue that itslearning support must look into.

  • Admin
    Henning Gjellesvik commented
    November 23, 2019 23:31

    Earlier this year we added an alternative for teachers when deleting a resource from the learning path. At the same time, we made it a bit easier to add resources to a Learning Path.