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Course Menus

One of the problems always levelled at larger courses is that navigation becomes clunky as you introduce more pages etc. One way of handling this is create a learning path if the learning is linear enough. Courses though can be completely irregular for instance a virtual school staffroom where the management of content is more important.

If though users could create a menu for the course then items would always be just one click away no matter where you naviagate. This would also make content management a lot easier. Ordinarily I would create a css menu and link that to important items, folders, pages etc etc. this would then mean you could control naviation within the parent frame and not have lots of new windows open which can be tedious and confusing.

I've attached an image of a menu within the fronter platform to illustrate what I mean. I realise I can utilise the tree structure but it is much better just to have navigation just to the essentials including folders or elements.

  • Mark Ashton
  • Sep 1 2018
Country UK
Category Access and navigation
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