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Convert a ressource or activity to a different kind retaining describtion, attachement etc. in the new element

When things are created in a hurry. Task and assignments are somtimes added just as a file.

Later it turns out that it needs to be an ssignment. To do this you need to delete the file created, create a new assignment and upload the file into the assigment. A conversion where you add the missing information would be much more easy.

Sometimes a task is created but it turns out to be better suited as an assignment. If that is the case you need to delete the task and create a new assignement where description, deadlines, evaluations, attachments etc. needs to be added again though they are exactly like the old task.

A conversion tool would save a lot of time.

  • Jeppe Skafte Johansen
  • Aug 23 2018
Country DK
Category Content creation and management
  • Attach files