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Overhaul your test module

The test module is more than 10 years old. Recently you are not even allowed to add 'bold', 'italics' or 'underlined' text with the cloze questions.

I am missing the following features.

- Creating a question pool on course level (so you don;t need to export/import your question bank for each and every question)
- Allow feedback for each question item (you can only give general feedback, only exception is the multiple choice question)
- Allow access to the code in 'cloze question' to tailor the item to the student, like <table>, colouring and face (i.e. wysiwyg-editor)
- Make an Excel/csv export possible of the results.
- Allow teachers to make changes to the answers once the test has already started (and re-calculate marks when needed)

  • Guest
  • Jun 24 2018
Country NL
Category Grading and assessment
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