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Internal links in pages

In standard HTML5, it is possible to place bookmarks within a page. Please allow for the bookmarking of sections in the page function. I would like to be able to link to these bookmarks in the planner. Likewise, a teacher could create a single page with instructional content, which 1) would be much easier to edit as a whole from the library (as this currently requires you to open many short pages in many screens), and which 2) would also enable students to study a single page (which takes fewer clicks) in preparation of tests. Perhaps it would also be able to integrate the assignment function in the page function, so students can work from a single screen/page, instead of having to go backwards/forwards all the time. I have tried putting instructional info in the assignment function itself, but this means having a fragmented instruction page, which is very impractical for the reasons mentioned above.


This suggestion as a whole is, btw, one of the reasons why other LMSes such as Elerna and Learnbeat are gaining a foothold over itslearning in the NL.

  • Wouter Penris
  • May 6 2018
Country NL
Category Content creation and management
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