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Having the ability to activate and deactivate groups on a test.

My courses have a number of sections and students are testing at various times during the day.  I would like the capability of activating a test for an individual group, letting them take the test, then shut it off for them and activate it for the next class.  It happens a lot where my students do not finish an exam during a single period, so they pause and the plan is they will come in after school to finish it.  But, students are aware that the test is open after they leave.  So, given a little time in another class, they can go in, unmonitored, and make changes to their unfinished test using resources not approved.  They can do this because I still have the test activated for other groups.  If there was an Activate button for each group, that would alleviate the problem.  Maybe in the test set-up you can provide the option for group activation and when that selection is made, rather than one activate button, we would see an Activate button for each group.

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  • Mar 5 2018
Country US
Category Grading and assessment
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