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Sorting of tasks that students send to their teacher

Request regarding tasks that students send to their teacher

I am a teacher in a flex course in Its learning. This means that the students send me tasks all the time. I have more than 40 students and they work in their own pace with almost 50 different tasks to finish.

This means that on any given time I can have more than 60 tasks waiting for me to give feedback to (today I have 65). Since there is no other way for me to know who waited the longest, but clicking on every single task and check the dates it is almost impossible for me to help my students in a correct and fair order.

My request is that you fix the “Check tasks” (or whatever the name is in English ( innehållsblock "Följ upp uppgifter" in swedish)) so I can sort them on dates, names or tasks. Much like you can with any given inbox when you check your e-mails.

Hoping for a very quick solution to this problem.

  • Hans Hjelm
  • Dec 18 2017
Country SE
Category Other
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