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A show of the correct answer after a test question answer

When a student answers a open text question, we can not give the student a automated answer. This is awaiting the teachers action. We would like there to be a box in realtion to every question, where we can enter what the correct answer should have been, så after every question the student can see what would have been the right answer. As it is now the students must await a long time before knowing wht was the right answer.. and they loose focus on the learning proces.

We need to be able to give a general open text answer to every question, and not key words or the standered correct/not correct etc.

If only the teacher info-box on correct answer was visible to the student, og a similar function - this would be able to do the trick.

  • Thomas Silfen
  • Aug 3 2017
Country DK
Category Grading and assessment
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