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Add google presentations on the front page (not only as a link)

I wish it still was possible to add google presentations on the front page of the subject page, as one can do under "rich content" (new page, resources). That way one can scroll back and forth in the presentations, see YouTube videos and tap links directly on the front page. This was easy before, but with the new change in June 2017, this seems very cumbersome. It is possible to put the presentation on the front page now, but only as a link to google. I hope this can be fixed, since it is an easy, visually and efficient function I have used in all subjects for many years with great luck.

Sorry, my English and  technical language is not the best, but I hope you understand what I mean. :)

  • Astri Tjelmeland Tverå
  • Jun 22 2017
Country NO
Category Third-party tools and apps
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