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LImitation of amount of questions from a part of the categories

For progress tests it would be great to chose questions from some categories and ignore the other questions. At this moment the test generates all questions from a category when 0 questions is chosen for that category and all not categorized questions are chosen.

  • Leen van der Spek
  • Apr 4 2017
  • Future consideration
Country NL
Category Grading and assessment
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  • Admin
    Henning Gjellesvik commented
    April 06, 2017 12:54

    We’re not planning subcategories in the new test tool. When time comes to implement the new teacher question/item bank in the new test tool, we would like to have some sort of tagging options for questions. This would make it easy to share, search for and reuse questions made by other teachers.

  • Leen van der Spek commented
    April 06, 2017 13:14

    My question is not about sub categories. I asked for selection of some categories for a test and exclude the remaining categories so that the different tests including of a part of the bank working from one question bank with all questions. Is that an option for the future. It would be great for us at the KLM flight academy.

  • Admin
    Henning Gjellesvik commented
    April 06, 2017 13:56

    My apologies :-)  The answer was meant as a reply for another idea…

    You are making a good point, and it’s absolutely something we will look into when we continue to enhance itslearning.