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Deactivate elements in the planner

It should be possible to deactivate all types of elements in the planner in the planner itself. Now you have to go into the folder to do this, at least for some elements, like pages (NO: side) and links. Even if a plan is active, you sometimes want to keep certain elements secret from the students until a certain time.

  • Kristin Ravndal
  • Mar 21 2017
Country NO
Category Scheduling & planning
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  • Kent Bering Andersen commented
    15 Aug, 2018 08:46am

    I also agree that it should be a possible feature

  • Jesper Jespersen commented
    10 Aug, 2018 04:12pm

    Yes agree!!

  • Jeppe Skafte Johansen commented
    10 Aug, 2018 08:29am

    Agree. But we also need to be able to activate from inside the plan. So a activeate button available for each ressource inside the plan. It could be hidden inside the little menu for each resssource.
    I have created a simple design suggestion in the picture.

  • Katarina Ojala commented
    7 Apr, 2017 06:39am

    I totally agree. It should be clearly visible in the planner, which part is active. Inactive elements should also be easy to activate, by one click, not having to go to some settings and finding the right button. 
    User experience to me needs serious developing in itslearning. Too many times I've been thinking about the matra "Don't make me think" in my head, when using itslearning :/