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Insert the Assessment Records overview (Bedömningsöversikt) also under the tab MENTOR

Insert the Assessment Records overview (Bedömningsöversikt) also under the tab MENTOR

Improve visibility for Mentors/class teachers/homeroom teachers.

Mentors/class teachers/homeroom teachers will save a lot of time and can also easily see which of our students that are not going so well. If I am a mentor for 25 students that has 10 courses I must today click 250 times to get my overview. And that overview will not be as clear as the Assessment Records.

When we as a mentor/class teacher have talks with students/parents etc. we can easily use this interface instead of clicking 10 times/student and still not get a good overview.

Work in a school with some 2000 students and some 200 teachers so the impact will be big if you can fix this for us. Do we all need to vote on this suggestion for you to consider if you can fix it or not :)?

 I think you already have the solution so the “only thing”? you might need to do is insert a link to the “assessment records tool” on the mentor’s tab (and change the selection to courses = all student’s courses)? Small effort for big results :)


See attached PDF for further details, explanations 

  • Mats Eriksson
  • Mar 17 2017
Country SE
Category Grading and assessment
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