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Privacy Policy

Do a survey of how many parents are actually able to log in. Typically less than half. The HMI is disastrous for parent login.

Schools use ITL as the main comms channel to parents. Pretty serious then, that roughly half in each class are able to log in - when the kids are in 8th grade and have used it all the way. ITL support is not for parents, county (i.e. SITE in your lingo, NOT country) does not offer support, school does not offer support.

In total, I have successfully been online with ITL for a couple of months. I have literally - and I do not exaggurate - spent more than 15 hrs trying to log in to this s**t. After an update of my android app I am now out again. I handle my payments with 3 different apps, I work for a major company and use dozens of SW tools in my job. ITL is up there on the top 3 user-unfriendliness.

sorry, but this really needs to improve.

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  • Feb 2 2016
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Category Parent access and communication
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