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Make it possible to separate / choose whats shown in the app on the "homepage"

When using the app we experience that everything that is posted in the bulletins board, new pages, new litterature, new information. Just about everything is posted in the app and that is what students see firstly when opening the app!

An example: If a teacher uses the bulletins board for information or communication, the information given there is often mixed up (i the app) with other information sent out from the system not very valuable for the students. We have experienced that students stop using the app because they get information about things they don not really need information on. The app gets useless. 


We would very much need a more flexible funcionality in the app in termes of what is beeing posted at the startpage/homepage. We would like it to be optional if everything should be posted in the app or not making it possible (for the teachers/adminitrative staff)  to choose what is to be pushed in the app. 

  • Anna Nilsson
  • Feb 15 2017
Country SE
Category Mobile app
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