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Copying a content block

Could it be made possible to copy a content block from one dashboard to another?

Now you have to copy the text, but pictures and images cannot be copied this way.

  • Elly Kort
  • Jan 24 2017
  • Not selected for implementation
Country NL
Category Content creation and management
  • Jan 27, 2017

    Admin response


    Thanks for the idea. I guess you know this, but in case not, here it is: Today you can copy a content block by:  1) click the scissor icon on the content block, 2) go to the dashboard or page where you want to add the content block, 3) click Add content block, 4) click the “Paste [name of the content block you copied]”. Please notes that this is only possible with content blocks that have the scissor icon. 

    Sorry to say, but we don’t have plans for adding a copy feature at the moment.   

    @james, if you work at school that’s planning on migrating to New itslearning, please talk to your local itslearning representatives. They can tell you more about how to migrate content on the course dashboards.


    Best regards,

    Henning Gjellesvik

    Product Manager

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  • Rebekah Marcuccio commented
    31 Mar 05:00pm

    I tried to follow the directions above, but it cuts the content block out of the original page. Is there a way to do it so that the content block remains in the original page, and is also copied in the new one?

  • Guest commented
    24 Jan, 2017 08:06pm

    Excellent plan considering the dashboard may go away soon.