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Remember my choices for sorting the class menu

I love the change that we now can change the order which the classes appear with a dropdown menu. When I work, I often rely on muscle memory, and having the same menu every time I enter is important to keep me from having to read the class name every time, since the menu this far has been sorted by "last updated".

My wish is that the choice I make should be remembered to the next session. As it is now, I have to change it again every time I log on. I will always want it alphabetically, and don't want to spend time changing it every time I log on.

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  • Jan 4 2017
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  • Jan 4, 2017

    Admin response

    Thanks :-) 

    The order of the courses should be remembered when you log in and out on the same browser. I just tested this on multiple browsers and it works fine. Please check if cookies are disabled in your browser.

    The order of the courses should also be remembered if you restart your browser, but I can see that we have filed a bug on this. We’ll fix this asap.

    A little tip: The courses you see in the dropdown menu are your favorite courses. Click “All courses” in the dropdown menu to add/remove favorite courses.



    Henning Gjellesvik

    Product Manager

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    4 Jan, 2017 10:05am

    You are correct, it is when I restart the browser that it happens. As I am on a mac, I'm using Safari. Thank you for looking into this.