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Jag har från lärarna fått in önskemål om förbättringsförslag till plagitatkontrollen, eftersom vi lämnat Urkund och gått över till eran tjänst.

Ni skulle kunna snegla på Urkunds rapport för att se vad som eftersöks.

Man vill kunna markera flera misstänkta källor samtidigt.
Man vill få med alla passager samtidigt och att man ser vilken källa den tillhör i anslutning till där man står på sidan.
De vill ha en rapportutskriftsknapp ett enkelt klick på en knapp för att få ut rapporten.
Sen så verkar inte rapporten ta "citat" utan ger utslag även på sånt som är citerat.

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  • Jan 28 2016
Country SE
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  • Guest commented
    23 Apr, 2021 03:56pm

    The short Novel was written by George Orwell as well as it was written during world war 2, where in that time it was very difficult to have rights (Animal rights) including that the war had a big effect on everyone and everything especially the economy of the country as well as it had a big effect on the creatures.The book was published in 1945 however it took place in old England,England in that time was a very military country that was very strict with the law and rules also England had two different types of classes, there was the posh (Higher class) ones such as the people that worked with the country and other type was the lower class ones.

    Those two factors played a big role in the novel because at that time in england not everyone was treated well and equal, This had an effect on everyone's personality and how they got treated that leads them to treat others as bad as they got treated such as Mr. jones and how he was treating his animals at the farm.

    The book Animal Farm tells us a story about Animals that use to live with an awful man by the name of Mr Jones, who was an alcoholic man that used to get drunk and torture the animals.All the animals wanted was to live in a society where they can be all equal, free, aswell a society where they all can be happy.The animals was tired of being treated like slaves in the farm, they were controlled by Mr.Jones and lived under his dictatorship,which has an effect on them in two different ways both mentally and physically becasue of the hard treatment such as forcing them to work in farm the whole day including not getting enough food"They were always cold, and usually hungry as well."(George Orwell, Animal Farm, Chapter 7.)For example in the text there was a part when the animals was working the whole day really hard as well as in a bad working condition,so when the animal returned back home they were looking for some food to eat but they couldn't find anything what made them very disappointed besides it put a sad emotion on there faces.