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In test-tool, teacher may change score or score-max-value for any type of question.

An erroneous question usually results in an erroneous score. If the broken question is a multiple choice type, for example, the score cannot presently be changed manually. This results incorrect number of points to be awarded, producing false grades in "Status og Oppfølgning".

A related problem arises if a question turns out to be irrelevant or illegitimate for a subgroup of students (did not attend lab-exercise, etc...). Presently, questions can only be deactivated for all students or not at all.

Yet another relevant scenario is if questions are too difficult, or if learning objectives are unevenly tested. This could be fixed by having the ability to increase/or reduce max point-value for questions post hoc. Deactivating questions, as can be done presently, is an unsatisfactory solution since students feel their answers are "wasted".

Proposed fix: Score of any question-type can be set to whatever value within min/max values, or deleted. In addition, max-value can be changed. Any change should be effective for a single student or all students, decided by teacher.

Example: Teacher formulated question badly and in addition marked wrong alternative as correct. Bob misunderstood the question, Lisa anwered correctly. Teacher  delete the question for Bob but changes manually the score from -1 to +2 for Lisa.

Contrary to what some might think, providing full authority to the teacher when assigning points increases rather than lessens grade integrity.

  • Frank Helle
  • Nov 4 2016
  • Not selected for implementation
Country NO
Category Grading and assessment
  • Nov 15, 2016

    Admin response

    Hi Frank,

    Thanks for your suggestions for improving the test tool. I get you point, and we’ve been discussing this but concluded that it would add to much complexity to the test tool. We get a lot of requests regarding the new test tool, and most of them are well founded (like yours), but added together they would create a to complex product. We therefore have to turn down some ideas – sorry.


    Best regards

    Henning Gjellesvik

    Product Manager

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