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I would like to be able to put mathematical symbols in the select from a list choices in Tests.

Math teachers would love to be able to use WIRIS to put mathematical symbols in the choices under the select from a list option in Tests.

  • Vicki Fellwock
  • Nov 2 2016
  • Not selected for implementation
Country US
Category Content creation and management
  • Nov 4, 2016

    Admin Response

    Thanks for sharing your idea.

    As you probably know you can use the WIRIS editor in six of the ten question types in itslearning :-) 

    One of my colleagues, a former physics teacher, is now working in the team designing the new itslearning test tool. As you can imagine she is well acquainted with mathematical symbols :-) . She is completely aware of your need, but our options are limited because today WIRIS is part of the rich text editor used in itslearning. So, to get WIRIS in where you want it to be we need to add the full rich text editor…and inserting the full rich text editor under the "select from a list" in Test is not an option today. This is partly because we now focus on finalizing a new mobile friendly and shareable version of the test tool, and partly because all the options in the rich text editor is not a good fit for all question types. 

    We are of course aware of you pain, and when time comes to replace the rich text edit we will look for a solution that covers the need for math symbols in the "select from a list" in Test need. For the moment we can’t do this - sorry.


    Best regards


    Product Manager

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  • Corey Simon commented
    November 02, 2016 15:33

    Much needed idea!

  • LaDonna Huber commented
    November 03, 2016 15:21

    I would love to have the math symbols there as well.

  • Thomas Nawrath commented
    February 16, 2018 17:08

    You can do this actually (don't know if it will be possible with Test 3.0). You can place any kind of Rich Content in the ordinary editor and then Copy-Paste into the answer-region.

    If you use the fill-in questions,  you can even copy-paste complete tables if you like to have a cross-word or a coordinate system for instance.