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Connection between Groups and Registration Element

A connection between itslearnings Groups and the Registration Element would be quite useful!

meaning: students can register for a itslearning-created group. Now, if a student, for example, register to a seminar group via Registration there's just that element that shows what a student registred to. It just ends there. So there will be no connection to the Participants or Assessment record. If student actually can self-register to a itslearning-creted group - what does actually change?

  • It will let students register for seminar groups (and other groups) - real groups. Not just a text at one place in the system.
  • It will create an overview (you can actually see the students' choice via Participants or Assessment record).
  • It will enable some fancy stuff when we use permissions on folder(s).

The third point is maybe the most important one. Students will be able to control their learning. Meaning, a teacher can create different "learning paths" and let students decide which path to take. If the teacher let a certain group have permissions to folder(s), a self-registration tool would create these learning paths. Different students have different learning styles, and every student in a Maths course/class may not want to start with Algebra, maybe Geometry or something else? This function would enhance learning in sort of a Mooc-style way.


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  • Rickard Karlsson
  • Oct 24 2016
Country SE
Category Content creation and management
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  • Thomas Nawrath commented
    October 28, 2016 16:43

    We are using groups to manage some of our teachers' calendars too. It would be a great benefit if our colleagues could register for an event which would then automatically only appear in the calendars of those colleagues.

  • Rickard Karlsson commented
    October 31, 2016 14:01

    Thomas: wow, that would also be nice!

  • Jennifer Lazzaro commented
    January 09, 2017 21:45

    I second this idea. One of our schools is using a semi-flexible schedule for blended learning. If the group that they signed up for would automatically create a group in the Group tool, then they would be able to release specific content to those students, as well as communicate with them easily as a cohort.

  • Rickard Karlsson commented
    January 12, 2017 10:49

    And I should say that this doesn't need to be in registration tool (but maybe that makes sence), the important thing here is that student should be able to self-register for a group (that has certain permissions).

  • Marius Verweij commented
    February 11, 2019 21:07

    I am wondering why this idea has not been taken into consideration while it has been voted 21 times already. I would like to bring it forward again.