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Add traceability of changes in assessments and matrix assessment

Today students can see if an teacher has removed a student answer. That is the only way for me as  a student to know if a teacher make changes.

To ensure that changes that has been made to an assessment or matrix are done by the teacher in charge of assements and grading there should be a name and date stamp when changes are done to assessments in any way. 

  • Tobias Strindlund
  • Oct 12 2016
Country SE
Category Grading and assessment
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  • Martin de Haan commented
    25 May, 2018 07:02am

    Today a Dutch customer sent in similar request. In their case they'd like to see who had updated the assessments. So it would be nice if we could create more transparency by adding "updated by"-fields (including time-stamps) on different places in itslearning.