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Learning analytics per ressource used

It would be beneficial for the planning of next years teaching if you are able to access statistics on how many times a ressource (file, photo etc.) has been opened by each students. View time on HTML-show would also be a nice feature. In this way the teacher can scrutinized wich videos, texts, quizes etc were mostly (re-)used and decide which to keep and which to drop.

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  • Aug 24 2021
  • Future consideration
Country DK
Category Reporting
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    Product Team commented
    27 Aug 11:51am

    Hi, thanks for your idea.

    Some of the information you are asking for is already available for teachers in the 360 reports. The 360° Reports allow teachers/tutors to quickly compare all students in the course/class and deep-dive into each learner’s performance through easy-to-follow, visual info-graphics. You will find three different reports: Activity, Progress and Grades. Each has a whole course overview, where you can scroll through all students and compare them to the course averages. Clicking a student will show a details page with more information. You can quickly jump to a new student, or one of the other reports from the details page.

    The Progress report shows how students are completing their assignments, homework, tests, etc. across the course and the amount of time they are spending on their work online. If you go to Resources summary report you can see how many students that have completed/not completed or seen an activity or resource.

    Today it's not possible to see how many times a resource has been opened by students, but we can see that this could be relevant information for teachers wanting to improve their lessons.
    I can also add that Teachers and admins do not yet have an option to track how students progress connected to plans, but this is an area we want to improve.

    the itslearning Product team