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Please discontinue using Flash Player and other browser plugins

Please make all the features of your website function without the use of web browser plugins such as Adobe Flash Player, Java, and Microsoft Silverlight. I participated in a professional development session the other day and we used an itslearning group to facilitate the meeting and participants were asked to use the itslearning Chat as a backchannel tool.  Unfortunately, some participants were using mobile devices and were not able to use the Chat tool since it requires the Adobe Flash Player plugin.  Also, some other users had difficulty using Chat using their laptop Google Chrome browser.  However, they were able to get it to work in IE, but most users use Chrome as their go-to browser.  Very soon, Google Chrome browser will no longer support websites that utilize plugins so this issue will become a bigger issue for you and your customers if Flash Player is a plugin they need to make itslearning function.





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  • Sep 20 2016
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  • Baily Dizdar commented
    23 Apr 04:46pm

    Good day,

    I am using the hotspot testing feature and after allowing Adobe Flash in Chrome, we are still running into multiple errors such as the the flash player not loading the hotspot image at all, having to pause a test and return, or reloading the page to get the function to work.

    Do you have any suggestions or solutions during this time?

    Thank you for your time.

  • Admin
    itslearning support commented
    26 Sep, 2019 09:47am

    Hi. Adobe (who created and maintains flash) has announced its "end-of-life" to be at the end of 2020. In addition to the main component itself, each web browser also has some kind of support. To fully understand the impact for end users, you need to read the statements from each browser company (Apple, Google, Microsoft ++). Most major browsers have already turned off flash support by default a long time ago, users need to actively enable it. Mobile browsers don't support flash at all.

    As for itslearning, we still use flash technology in Conference and Test tools hot spot questions type, and those clearly need to be done something about. Step by step we’re getting there, the new media recorder is flash-free, same for the upcoming new Test tool. If you can’t, or won’t, use the Conference tool in itslearning a feasible option can be to connect a third party conference tool like Zoom to itslearning with LTI.