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help - platform Germany - precise: how to activate a course banner (doesn't even exist!)

I am admin in our school for itslearning - in Germany. The faq/help-site is quite short. A discussion forum would be great - any advice? I am looking for the "course banner". Can't activate it in the course properties, because there is nothing like a "banner" . Seems that i first have to acitvate it in the administration. But where? Checked everything carefully.... Thanks!

  • Jutta Schmidt
  • Feb 9 2021
  • Planned
Country DE
Category Administration
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  • Admin
    itslearning support commented
    18 Feb 03:54pm


    Course banner is for the moment not available to customers. We do need to do some improvements to this banner before we can release it to all customers. For the moment, I am afraid this is not something we are prioritising.


    the itslearning Product team