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Same use for each device

I think that it would be really helpful if you could do all actions on every device. For example I have an iPad but no computer and on my IPad I can’t send attachments in the messages and I can only send my pictures in an actual homework where you can answer the homework. Also in some tests you have to drag the answers to a question which I can’t do either which makes me lose points.

  • Fanny
  • Feb 7 2021
  • Not selected for implementation
Country DE
Category Messages and notifications
  • Attach files
  • Admin
    itslearning support commented
    17 Feb 09:18am


    Bit of a mix here, and hard to get the status right for your idea.

    • We are not planning to extend our mobile app with every feature from the web application, as using a mobile app and using a full web application are two very different things.

    • It should be possible to send attachments from an iPad, but limited to what you can access as a file or image/video

    • The interactive questions will be improved and work better on touch devices in our new test tool

    The itslearning Product Team