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Titre trop long des espaces de travail

j’ai 24 classes, et chaque espace de travail s’ecrit « Économie-gestion 1ctr1 » par exempke

C’est trop long et je ne vois que Economie-grstion ... alors que c’est la classse qui m’intéresse.

Serait-il possible de noter les espaces de travail par le nom de la classe ? Puis eco-gestion !?!

C’est galère ...

Merci d’avance d’en prendre note et de corriger

I have 24 classes, and each workspace is written "Economics-management 1ctr1" for exampleIt’s too long and I only see Economy-Grstion ... while it’s the class that interests me.Would it be possible to write down workspaces by class name?Then eco-management!?!

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  • Jan 31 2021
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Country FR
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    Product Team commented
    18 Feb 03:54pm

    to avoid having courses with long or similar names, teachers can give their course a friendly named instead of using the course title. Today friendly name is behind a switch in the Edit site for Admins.
    If you do have permission to give your course a friendly name, you can either do this by clicking the pencil icon on your course card or you could go to Course properties and features. Please see attached file.

    the itslearning Product team