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Course in app looks totally different than in browser

We are a primary school and therefore pimped our first page of each course acording to the needs of small children. That works well when you open itslearning in the web browser but you can‘t see the first page when you open it using the app. The problem is that the view of itslearning is totally different depending on how you open it. We like itslearning how it is in the browser but we can’t make it suitable for young children using the app. As most of our teachers only have a laptop but most of our students work with the app using a tablet this causes lots of problems.

  • Guest
  • Jan 8 2021
  • Not selected for implementation
Country DE
Category Mobile app
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  • Markus P. commented
    16 Nov, 2021 11:33am

    This still is a problem, not only for the "youngest" users, but for everyone. We always have to double-check that everything is working as expected in the browser (desktop and mobile) and in the iOS and Android apps. This is very annoying.

    Example: The new PDF per-user assignements work fine on the teacher-side. If a student open them in the browser a pop-up opens, where the PDF is editable and auto-saves, which is ok. But if a student opens such a PDF in the Android app the view just jumps to the editable PDF. So the student can't just close the tab in order to send in its work. He has to go back from the PDF page and lands in the Course overview without any further notice that his work has not been sent by now. He has to navigate through the whole course again to find the assignement page and can finally send his work from there.

    Any ideas on this? Thanks!

  • Admin
    Product Team commented
    8 Jan, 2021 03:34pm

    Thank you for your thorough input.

    The mobile app is built around a principle of being able to quickly convey the main items in a course to help students quickly get access to the activities and work they need to do. It is also tailored to deliver this in a mobile friendly and uniform way. This means that custom content for the course landing pages, or custom landing pages, are not shown directly in the app.

    We are not planning to introduce this to the app, but appreciate and understand the feedback from the perspective of the youngest users. We will take this into consideration as we continue to discuss how we can provide the best possible experience for all our users.