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Announcements display in there entirety. No needing to click the "Show More" function.

Curious why the it'sLearning development team feels that Announcements should not be displayed in their entirety? I cannot think of a situation where a teacher would take the time to write an announcement but then only want some of the information in the Announcement displayed. The amount of times that I have had to enlightened students to the blue “show more” function is depressingly high.

My idea is to have Announcements display in their entirety. Or perhaps, at least the top/latest Announcement from the teacher displays in its entirety. No “Show More” required.

I should add that if there is a way to turn the show more function off and have announcements display in their entirety, I am unaware of it. If this is the case, I apologize for sending this idea ticket/message.

Thank you for taking the time to read my message and consider its content.

  • Danny Kollada
  • Jan 7 2021
  • Future consideration
Country US
Category Other
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  • Admin
    itslearning support commented
    8 Jan 03:22pm

    Thank you for your thorough input and feedback.

    The reason for the "Show more" is to make sure that the students´s feeds are not filled up with long announcements, and allow them to scroll through the feed and expand those announcements which are relevant to them. This is quite common behaviour from similar systems. However, we note your suggestion and will look into making this easier to understand at a future time when we are working with announcements.