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Parent alerts for assignments/tests not completed/submitted

Parents are not looking in their Itslearning Portal, like they should be. Emailing parents on this has been so time consuming and we get multiple emails about what students are missing on an almost daily basis.

  • Jeff Liwag
  • Dec 3 2020
  • Future consideration
Country US
Category Parent access and communication
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  • Esperanza Young commented
    11 Dec, 2020 09:49pm

    Hey everyone!

    Technology can be stressful sometimes. Like all things, we work to improve what doesn't work for our students.

    Lets get Itslearning on board with this idea:

    When students have incomplete/not submitted assignments or tests, we want that alert system in place to send parents an automatic email. For one reason, to hold those students accountable, and two, so parents can be kept in the loop with their child. It can be rather frustrating to sit and send all the Its messages, reminders, and parent emails about missing work. 🙁

    Please vote on this! I know that teachers, parents, and students would find this beneficial for all involved in the line of communication.

    With everything else going on, this is one less thing that will take up time, and we can focus on something greater.

  • Admin
    itslearning support commented
    10 Dec, 2020 02:43pm

    Thanks for your input! Parent alerts are not part of our current plans, but that does not mean we won't revisit this in the future. We'll leave the idea open for voting to understand the need.

    The itslearning Product Team