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Make assessments availible for students that quits school (thrashcan)

Today the assessment overview is connected only to a course and if a student has a connection to that course.

If the student (by example connected to an IMS integration) graduates, changes schools (to a private one) will then be removed from the import-file. itslearning interprets that like if the student has quits and is then put in the thrashcan.

In the thrashcan the student looses all connections to her och his courses. If the student is restored from the trashcan all connections to courses are gone and so is also the assessment overview.


1. This results makes it almost impossible for students, teachers, schools and municipality to access this assessments.

If they would always follow the student, not the course, it would make it an assessment overview that could be use to secure

transitions between municipalty and private driven shools.


2. It would also be of great use for students who wants a motivation of why they got their examination grades. As for now, the teachers can't find them and will have to write assessment (like comments and matrix) down on a paper to save them.

  • Tobias Strindlund
  • Aug 26 2016
Country SE
Category Grading and assessment
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