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Learning analytics based on the student's learning behaviour for timely individual customised guidance based on views in a monitor.

I would like to be able to read out all the content from the course planner in itslearning and display it on a dashboard via an xAPI and an algorithm. This allows me to divide the students of a learning group into quadrants in order to be able to distinguish which guidance I should give to which student. The aim is to be able to provide each student with customised guidance based on the learning behaviour shown. This creates a tailor-made approach for the student. We increasingly provide education online, where there is no daily contact between the teacher and the student. This has accelerated as a result of the coronavirus, but it is to be expected that online distance learning is a permanent form of education, in which the online guidance of the student deserves extra attention.

The early warning signals must, on the one hand, protect the student from early drop-out (for example, if the dashboard display shows that the student is submitting below-average assignments and/or scores on assignments) and, on the other hand, if a student shows above-average performance, a timely intervention can be carried out by the instructor to the student's advantage (for example, faster graduation or following extra courses so that the value of the diploma increases).

The advantage for the lecturer is that the lecturer has early signals about the student's learning behaviour without the lecturer having to do a lot of searching for them. The advantage for the student is that he or she receives timely interventions that are appropriate to his or her individual performance and that any failure from the study programme or the conclusion that there was more to it does not become apparent until the final test or examination. The advantage for the school is that all students receive the tailor-made work they deserve without this giving the teachers a lot of extra work.

We need the information from the planner very specifically, because here in the lesson structure we have resources and activities with deadlines such as assignments, tests and other applications in which the student's motivation is also mapped out. This must be able to be read as a whole and that goes beyond what the 360 degree reports offer. If this information cannot be read out, we cannot say whether a student is on track or not, and it remains a quantitative determination of what a student has done.

  • Jacob Poortstra
  • Oct 7 2020
  • Future consideration
Country NL
Category Reporting
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  • Admin
    itslearning support commented
    29 Oct 07:53am


    We do provide a lot of information available through APIs, but not with the planner as the basis for the structure. We have received a few other requests for this and we're considering it for future development, however it is not part of our current ongoing work and immediate priorities.

    We'll keep the suggestion on the ideas portal to see if it gets more ‘up votes’. This helps us understand which ideas are most popular.

    The itslearning Product Team.