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In plan settings, add a separate column for view on calendar

I would like the plan fields to be shown in the calendar but not on the dashboard (overview page). The plans are difficult to navigate on the overview page and take a lot of room and can be confusing as it only shows a partial plan until selecting show more. I would like to eliminate that view all together and direct students to the calendar to see the plans per day.

This would give teachers the option to see plan only on dashboard or only in calendar or in both or none.

  • Jennifer Holmes
  • Sep 10 2020
  • Not selected for implementation
Country US
Category Scheduling & planning
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  • Admin
    itslearning support commented
    15 Sep 12:59pm

    Thank you for your feedback.

    We are currently improving our planner. We agree that plans take a lot of space on course overview and some students tend to not click “show more”, thinking they have seen all content. We aim to release our new/improved planner BTS 2021.


    The itslearning Product Team