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Assignment group handleing

It would be great to have one assignment that can be pushed out to different groups at different dates and times and also have different submission dates. That way we can have one assignment for all groups rather than individual assignments for each group on the course. Other VLE's such as Canvas do this and I think its a cracking idea for ITs Learning.

  • Daniel Nuttall
  • Jul 21 2016
Country UK
Category Grading and assessment
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  • Martine Lassen commented
    September 29, 2017 13:34

    Yes! I came in here to post this idea, as my students would like to know exactly when an assignment is due. I have half a class on Tuesday, the other half on Friday. They are to do the same assignment, but not at the same time. There is a lot of work to copy the assignment and change the groups and dates and would be easier to choose several at once.