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ePortfolio needs the posability to disable comments

When creating a portfolio in Itslearning, comments isn't allways the best. We use it as a platform for the students topromote them selves and some parts of the portfolio is therefore used for seeking jobs and internships. If everybody can comment on it anonymously, it sometimes doesn't serve as a good promotionplatform

  • Jeppe Skafte Johansen
  • Jul 7 2016
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Country DK
Category Messages and notifications
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  • Admin
    itslearning support commented
    23 Nov, 2019 11:17pm

    The ePortfolio have seen several improvements over the last year.

    Disable comments on portfolio and blog.

    Students can decide if comments should be allowed on the content they publish in their portfolios. Disabling the comments will make them invisible in the UI and management interface.

    Administrators can enable access to About me and Blog for all ePortfolios

    The Site administrator can set if About me and Blog should be available all ePortfolios. This is set at the bottom of the page in Admin > Edit global settings > Features and security.

    Other major updates are related to file handling and making the presentation of the portfolios a better experience. Transferring content from the working portfolio to the ePortfolio has become easier, with several enhancements to make it more intuitive, fewer clicks and more flexibility.