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Bulk upload of images for MCQ assessments

The ability to do a bulk upload of images AND correct answers would save so much time for teachers. I envisage a tool whereby I can upload a .csv file containing file path names for images in one column, and correct answers in the second column.

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  • Jul 14 2020
  • Not selected for implementation
Country UK
Category Grading and assessment
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    itslearning support commented
    16 Jul 07:01am


    Thanks for your input. Our current test tool has the ability to import questions on QTI v2.1 format (also in bulk, including images), and also to import a list of simpler text based questions in a very specific text format. We are working on a new version of the tool where our focus is the QTI standard for import.

    The text format is as follows, this example is a multiple choice question:

    QUESTION;What is the capital of France?;MC;




    The QUESTION line formulates the question, while the ALTERNATIVE lines formulate the answer alternatives. The CATEGORY line, which decides to which category the question belongs, is optional. Use this question as a template and make your own question. First, open a new document in, for example, Notepad or Textpad, and paste the above code into the document. You can then edit the following information in the question:

    • QUESTION: Replace 'What is the capital of France?' with your own question.

    • ALTERNATIVE: Replace 'London', 'Oslo', and 'Paris' with your own alternatives. You can add as many alternatives as you want by removing or adding ALTERNATIVE lines. A 0 behind the alternative means that it is incorrect, while a 1 means that it is correct.

    Note that you must not remove any semicolons as this will corrupt the question.

    Save the document with a .txt extension. You can now try to import the file into a test in itslearning.

    I'll leave your idea open for votes, if it is popular we could consider additional import formats in the future.

    The itslearning Product team