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Separate Group messages from individual messages

Currently, if one messages an entire class and also has individual messages with anyone in that class, after sending the message, that class message and any individual messages to students in that class move to the top of the messages list. This makes it more difficult for users to navigate their messages. By separating group and individual messages, this would stop this behavior.

  • Ruth Allen
  • May 8 2020
  • Future consideration
Country US
Category Messages and notifications
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  • Admin
    itslearning support commented
    11 May 09:28am


    Thank you for the idea. We are considering several different ideas for improving the messaging system, but do not have a timeline or a final list of enhancements defined at this time.

    We will share it with the relevant teams for review, and we will also leave leave it on the ideas portal to see if it gets more ‘upvotes’. This helps us understand which ideas are most popular.