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Grade question in short answer quiz as correct, if student answer is only one or two letters different from correct answer

I am testing students vocabulary by asking them to translate individual words in a short answer quiz format and I use automatic grading . The short answer quiz format does allow for several alternative answers to be a automatically graded as correct, but sometimes it is cumbersome to enter all different kind of word forms, which should be regarded as correct, e.g. sit, sits, sat, has sat,... . Also, students often make typos that don't make their answers substantively wrong, but which the automatic grader cannot catch and marks as incorrect. This makes manual review necessary, which is quite time consuming and cumbersome.

It would be much better if there was an option to automatically grade an answer as correct if it matches the key word or any alternative except for one or two letters. This would allow for students' typos and save lots of time now spent and manually correcting each test.

  • Michael Doe
  • Mar 29 2020
  • Future consideration
Country DE
Category Grading and assessment
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