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In multiple choice questions, give 4 answer choices as the default

Seems minuscule, however, most multiple choice tests including state testing have 4 answer options.  Currently, the default is three and teachers must add answer choice, wait for it to reload and then click in the box to write 4th answer choice.    This has to be done on each multiple choice question.  Or allow test creator to choose the default answer options while still have ability to eliminate or add more choices on the occasional questions.

  • Jennifer Holmes
  • May 18 2016
  • Future consideration
Country US
Category Grading and assessment
  • Jan 27, 2017

    Admin Response

    Hi Jennifer,

    We’re working hard to finish the new mobile friendly shareable test tool. New customers will have it in Q1, and I hope we can run pilots with existing customers at the same time.

    We’ve not landed the issue of 3 vs 4 choices as default in multiple choice questions. Research is pointing in both directions, but you have a good point with respect to what the state tests use.

    I like the summary found here, please have a look:


    Best regards,

    Henning Gjellesvik

    Product Manager

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  • Guest commented
    June 07, 2016 20:39

    I agree with you!