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Add an activation time for each "group"/permission.

If multiple groups are taking the same test it would be great to set the activation for each group.  Currently teacher has to make a copy of the test for each group to achieve this level of security.  This prevents them from getting overall test statistics.  If a teacher could activate a test for Group B from 8-9 and activate the same test for Group C from 10-11, and Group D from 1-2, students in each group would only be able to access the test at the given supervised time and teachers would only need one test and would get test statistics for all groups together.

  • Jennifer Holmes
  • May 16 2016
  • Not selected for implementation
Country US
Category Grading and assessment
  • Nov 18, 2016

    Admin response

    Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks for taking the time to share you thought. This a good idea, no doubt about it.  

    We are working hard to finalize a new sharable, mobile test tool. We get a lot of requests regarding the new test tool, and most of them are well founded, like yours, but added together they would create a complex product – so we have to make some tough priorities. With the current prioritizations on the roadmap, we can’t find room for your idea – sorry. I don’t want to create an false expectations, so I’ll tag this idea with “not selected for implementation”, but we have it stored and with time I hope we can pick it up again.


    Best regards

    Henning Gjellesvik

    Product Manager

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  • Daniel Nuttall commented
    16 May, 2016 09:17pm

    This is a really good idea, I have put forward an idea for this to be added to the planner as well and believe it should be on many functions within ITs Learning.