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Improve Group Assignment Function

When I create a Group assignment, esp when students create their own groups, we can’t modify the groups once they’ve been created. Forgot to add a kid to the group bc he was absent yesterday? Forget about it. Our group of 3 can never be a group of 4. Ditto reverse – we can’t drop our group of 4 down to only 3. Also, as the teacher, I can’t create groups. I can’t be like, oh you couple stragglers, let me put you guys together real quick. Only the kids can create the groups. That’s a TERRIBLE feature.


1. Allow groups to be edited - add or remove group member collaborators

2. Allow teachers to create groups, even when the setting is that students create their own groups

  • Lauren Shelley
  • Jan 8 2020
  • Future consideration
Country US
Category Access and navigation
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  • Admin
    itslearning support commented
    9 Jan 12:36pm

    Hi Lauren, have you tried using course groups for group assignments? If not, please try it out and let know what you think. I think it should give you the flexibility you’re looking for.

    Letting students admin their groups after they’ve started working on the assignment is a good idea. It’s not the most requested one but as you can see it’s popped up here on the Ideas Portal from time to time. Prioritizing great ideas is always though and so far this idea has not made it to the roadmap, but things might change so let’s wait and see what the future brings 😊.

    Please have a look at the newly released roadmap, it’s packed with things I hope you’ll look forward to