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improved error messages in grade transfer

At this time when an error occurs during grade transfer from itslearning to our grading platform a very generic error message is shown. This causes a lot of confusion and difficulty troubleshooting. The itslearning database gets a much more specific detail of the error. If this detail were shared as the error message the errors would be more quickly solved. For example, a teacher pushed a score with a deadline outside of the grading period, but the error message simply said that the push failed. If the error message said that the date was outside of the grading period, the teacher could have fixed the error herself. Instead she had to put in a service request with our district, and then we had to put in a service request with itslearning. Instead of the issue being fixed in minutes, it was fixed in hours or days. 

  • Krystal Weiss
  • Dec 12 2019
Country US
Category Grading and assessment
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