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Delete whole conversations

(Hi Henning,)

I want to delete a whole conversation with students / colleagues and not only the messages from the students in group conversations or my own messages. This is not a possibility yet and doesn't already exists.  The only possibillity is to delete messages I send myself. That's not what we want. Hope you can add a function to delete everything. 

  • P. Schr.
  • Dec 3 2019
  • Future consideration
Country NL
Category Messages and notifications
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  • Sascha Böddinghaus commented
    11 Oct 05:11am

    Hi, this feature is necessary! Whenever I got a message from a student or colleague with a task for me I want to delete the whole chat when I am done. There are 500+ chats and I am not able to find the relevant ones for my work.

  • Henrik Bastrup commented
    10 May 08:43pm

    Why wait so long! Admin should be able to delete these messages, if some "bad" words have occured in the conversation.

    This tool is meant for communication and fast hand inn for students. Inn my world this means we should be able to delete. You could send deleted messages into " karantæne" for 30 days before it will be deleted for good!

  • Florian Kniedler commented
    4 May 12:54pm


    that is absolutly what we need and the admin should have the possibility to delete all messages which are older than for example one year.

    We do not want to pay for space, we cannot delete. All messages and attachments of deleted students are still in the space we have to pay for.

  • Admin
    itslearning support commented
    13 Mar 09:21am

    We are looking at deletion of messages. We need to balance this with the need to have an audit trail in case schools/organisations need to see old messages. The issue is under review and we are looking to see how many upvotes it gets.

  • Evan Bidault commented
    4 Dec, 2019 02:04pm

    Ce n'est pas bien de priver les élèves de messages car certains en profites, c'est leur choix , par contre si les abus de messages continues que sanctions s ' en suivent . Mr Bidault 

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